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19 March 2019

New Bending and Cutting Capabilities

The TM Technology management team is happy to announce the addition of the following brand new bending machine and plasma/oxy cutter aimed at putting the company ahead in the market through greater precision and higher quality standard.

1. Microstep CNC plasma and oxy cutting machine

- Table dimensions 12 000mm x 4 000mm

- 3D rotating head ±50°

- Maximum thickness of cutting – 250mm

2. CNC hydraulic bending press Durma S80800

- Length 8200mm

- Distance between columns 6400mm

- Bending force – 800 tons; 250 tons per meter or 8000kN; 2500kN/m

- Rear limiter system

- System against deformation with bending compensation

- System for autonomous correction of bending angles via 3 point laser measuring


The TM Technology Management Team

02 February 2017

"TM Technology" successfully finished а project under Operational Programme "Innovations and Competitivenes"

TM Technology JSC successfully executed the Contract for grants № BG16RFO002-2.001-1117-C01 according to project “Improvement of the competitiveness of TM Technology JSC by buying new technics, automation and digitalization of the production processes in the factory, increase of the production capacity and improvement of the resource efficiency of the production” carried with the financial support of Operational programme “Innovation and Competitiveness” 2014-2020, cofinanced by the European Union by European fund for regional development and from the national budget of the Bulgarian Republic.

In pursuance of the pledged by the project the following equipment was bought: system for robotic welding, laser measuring system for metrological control and digital grinding machine.

By putting into operation the system for robotic welding the quality increased by removing the subjective factor, the environment condition improved by decreasing a significant amount of exhaust gases and the influence of the arc.

The introduction of the laser measuring system for metrological control of large dimensional parts is a new solution not only for Bulgaria but for all global companies working with parts which have accuracy and quality as a priority. By using the laser system in TM Technology JSC it is guaranteed that the company manufactures and offers its clients only high quality products.

As a result of use of the digital grinding machine the labour productivity and the quality of the products and services that are offered improved, the working environment became better by decreasing the dust and particle emissions in the air.

Buying of new, high-tech equipment for TM Technology JSC lead to improvement of the resource efficiency and the efficiency of the production processes. As a result the quality of the end products is higher and the production is better organized.

23 December 2015

TM Technology bought the assets of TM 97 for 2 million euros

TM Technology JSC at MIDEST 2015, Paris

TM Technology finalized an acquisition of TM 97. Our Company specializes in metal structures and equipment , repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment of heavy and light industry, electricity trading , investing 2 million euros in assets of the factory , which was part of a larger territorial structure during the construction of the former complex of factories for heavy machinery manufacturing.

The management team behind the deal was interested in the conclusion of this transaction because of the fact that this part of the former complex was designed for construction of large-scale metal structures time and functioned as such. Customers such as CATERPILLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS, Germany , HEBACO, Belgium , SCHORCH, KASTO, Austria , Germany, which today work with TM Technology will increase confidence in the Bulgarian partner, which acquired and several unique metal sector machinery with this contract of acquirement.

With the success of this deal the management team of the Company based in Rousse make it their priority to make 2016 a year for investing in the improvement of the skillset of current TM Technology employees and attracting new bright minds to the team of professionals.

23 November 2015

TM Technology JSC participates with success at the MIDEST 2015 Exhibition in Paris

TM Technology JSC at MIDEST 2015, Paris

In the period 17th-20th November 2015 The MIDEST Exhibution for subcontractors was held near Paris.

The exhibition was held despite the attacks in the French capital. The Bulgarian stand could boast with enthusiastic representatives of ours companies, including TM Technology JSC – a manufacturer of large metal construction up to 160 tons.

Our company managed to make quite a few new and useful contacts networking. We found the expo to be productive and engaging.

16 November 2015

TM Technology JSC at MIDEST 2015, Paris

TM Technology JSC at MIDEST 2015, Paris

Between 17th and 20th November 2015 TM Technology JSC will be engaged in the trade exposition for suppliers – MIDEST 2015, located at Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, Paris.

The company stand’s number will be V128 in hall 6. We would be happy to meet you there.

11 November 2015

The new presentation brochure of TM Technology JSC

TM Technology JSC at MIDEST 2015, Paris

In November this year the new corporate presentation came hot off the press.

icon pdf   You can see the online version HERE.